Kardama Prajapati

Kardama Prajapati Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary kardama m. mud , slime , mire , clay , dirt , filth shade , shadow (in Veda according to BrahmaP.) N. of a Prajapati (born from the shadow of Brahma husband of Devahuti and father of Kapila) a kind of rice a kind of poisonous bulb N.. of Pulaka (a son of Prajapati) of a Naga ({I}) f. a species of jasmine ; ({am}) n. flesh Civet L. (mfn.) covered with mud or mire or dirt , dirty , filthy 2 kArdama mf {I})n. (fr. {kardama}) , made of mud , muddy , filled or covered with mud belonging to Prajapati Kardama. ........ Using his yogic powers Kardam created a seven-story flying palace.... Kardam split himself into nine personalities and impregnated his wife nine times so that she gave birth to nine daughters.... Cited from Devahuti and Kardam

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