Great Goddess Names

Great Goddess is ultimately a literal translation from the Sansktit: Mahadevi (q.v.). Great Goddess is aalso term to describe the triple goddess or 3 goddesses (q.v.). In the West, these were linked with the Mysteries of the Goddesses or the Great Goddess at Eleusis as the Eleusianian mysteries which were linked to Eleutherian mysteries of Dionysiius. These also occured in Megalopolis as Pausanias reports: Megalopolis the mysteries of the Great Goddesses, and the ritual acts are a copy of those at Eleusis. Within the enclosure of the goddesses are the following images, which all have a square shape: Hermes, surnamed Agetor, Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, Sun too, surnamed Saviour, and Heracles. (from Perseus). Cited from Website Sol Invictus These were called Mahadeva and Devi in India, were Allat, Al-Uzza and Manat at Mecca and became the source of the Great Deity, Magna Mater, The Goddess and notions of Mother of All (the gods) and Mother Earth.