Consciousness Terms

Month 01: Farvardin
14 Functions of Consciousness
3 Stages of Consciousness
3 Stages of Consciousness (Druid)
4 Stages of Consciousness
5 States of Consciousness
8 States of Consciousness
98 States of Consciousness (vi��āna kkhandha)
Artificial Consciousness
Bodily Form, Sensation, Perception, Aggregate of Formations, Consciousness
bones, vital heat, aerial form, knowledge, consciousness, soul and spirit
Consciousness - Matter
Consciousness and Ideal Knowledge, Body
Consciousness, Sensation, Perception, Conformation or Volition
Consciousness, Light - Awareness of Light
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space, Consciousness
earth, water, temperature, air, space, consciousness
Food, Vital Breath, Mind, Consciousness,
Bliss Form, Consciousness, Sensation, Name, Conformation Form, Feeling, Perception, Mental Formation, Consciousness Form. Sensation. Interpretation. Response. Consciousness. Awareness
Formless Consciousness
Gateway of Life - Gateway of Consciousness God Consciousness
Infinite Consciousness - Bliss Intellect, Self-Consciousness, Mind Lack Self-Consciousness - Self-Consciousness Light - Consciousness
Lord of Comprehension or Consciousness
Pillar of Consciousness Pillar of Force, Pillar of Form, Pillar of Consciousness Primary Consciousness Pure Consciousness Pure Consciousness - Practice and Meditation
Realm 29: Infinite Consciousness
Self-Consciousness Static Consciousness - Kinetic Energy Synthetic Consciousness Tangible Consciousness
Total Consciousness of Divinity
Total Consciousness of Worlds
Truth, Consciousness, Bliss pure Consciousness (vijnana); "consciousness-only" (vijnanamatrata, vijnaptimatrata); or "Mind-only" (Chittamatra).
Pure Consciousness, Consciousness-only, Mind-only
vijnana, vijnanamatrata, chittamatra