Harizcandra 28th king of solar dynasty ({hari-}) mfn. (see {candra}) having golden splendour RV. m. N. of the 28th king of the solar dynasty in the Treta age (he was son of Tri-sanku , and was celebrated for his piety ; accord. to the Markandeya-Purana he gave up his country , his wife and his son , and finally himself , to satisfy the demands of Visvamitra ; after enduring incredible sufferings , he won the pity of the gods and was raised with his subjects to heaven: accord. to MBh. ii , 489 &c. , his performance of the Raja-suya sacrifice was the cause of his elevation , and in the Aitareya-Brahmana quite another legend is told about him see under {zunaHzepa} , p. 1082 , col. 3: in later legends Hari-scandra is represented as insidiously induced by Narada to relate his actions with unbecoming pride , whereupon he was degraded from Svarga , one stage at each sentence , till stopping in time and doing homage to the gods he was fixed with his capital in mid-air [1291,1] ; his aerial city is popularly believed to be still visible in the skies at particular times ; cf. {saubha}) Br. MaitrUp. MBh. &c. N. of various authors &c. Inscr. Cat.: m. or n. (?) N. of a place Cat. n. N. of a Linga MW. {-caritra} n. N. of wk. {-tIrtha} n. N. of a Tirtha MW. {-pura} n. the city of Harikandra (= {saubha}) L. a mirage VarBrS. {-purANa} n. {-yazaz-caudra-candrikA} f. {-zcandrA7khyAyikA} , f. {-zcandropAkhyAna} n. N. of wks.