Nabha Bursting forth is connecting the sky: atmosphere Month of Sravana Nabhas mist , clouds , vapour (esp. of the Soma) RV. AV. S3Br. ; the sky or atmosphere nabha m. (rather fr. {nabh} denoting bursting forth or expanding than fr.%{nah} connecting , scil. heaven and earth) the sky , atmosphere (= {nabhas}) the month Sravana N. of a son of Manu Svarocisha or of the 3rd Manu (together with Nabhasya) of one of 7 sages of the 6th Manv-antara of a demon (son of Vipra-citti by Sinhika of a son of Nala (Nishadha) and father of Pundarika (cf. {nabhas}) {A}) f. a spitting-pot (?) N. of the city of the sun

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