Mahapadma is the name do the Elephant of the Southern quarter according to the Ramayana. mahApadma m. (L.) or n. a partic. high number m. N. of one of the 9 treasures of Kubera (with Jainas) N. of a partic. treasure inhabited by a Naga of one of the 8 treasures connected with the Padmini magical art of a hell (one of the 8 cold hells Dharmas. 122) kind of serpent N. of a Naga dwelling in the Maha-padma treasure mentioned above of the southernmost of the elephants that support the earth of Nanda of a son of Nanda of a Danava a Kim-nara or attendant on Kubera a species of esculent root n. a white lotus flower the figure of a white lotus flower a partic. compound of oil N. of a city on the right bank of the Ganges m. or n. (?) N. of a Kavya -pati} m. proprietor of millions N. of Nanda {-saras} or {-salila} N. of a lake