mitrAvaruNa Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: vi. du. Mitra and Varuna RV. &c. &c. (together they uphold and rule the earth and sky , together they guard the world , together they promote religious rites , avenge sin , and are the lords of truth and light cf. under 1. {mitra} above [816,3] {-Nayor@ayanam} and {-Nayor@iTiH}N. of partic. sacrifices {-NayoH@saMyojanam}N. of a Saman) RV. VS. Br. &c. (sg. , w.r. for {maitrAvaruNa} Hariv.) {-vat} mfn. accompanied by Mitra and Varuna RV. {-samIrita} mfn. impelled by Mitra and Varuna TBr. Mitravaruna plus the celestial beauty Urvasi produced Vasistha (in his third birth) and Agastya.
Mithra and Ahura Mazda

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