Usha (Ushas, Usa) is the daughter of Brahma and a sister of Agni. source of stimuli, the destination of responses, the fountainhead of experience, desire and learning. Usha is also described as daugther of Hiranyakashipu. Ushas is also seen as daughter of Dyu or Dyaus and Dyava Prithwi. Bhaga is the brother of the Dawn. The Asvin Twins are considered the brothers of Usha. http://www.hinduwebsite.com/hinduism/concepts/aswins.asp Usha married to
Aniruddha Dawn Undisciplined usas Bhaga Usha Brghu Maharishi
In some versions Usha is queen of the night and first consort of Siva.
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Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary. 1 uSa m. (for 2. ) early morning , dawn , daybreak bdellium ; saline earth fossile salt 2 uSA f. morning light , dawn , morning night a cow N. of a daughter of Bana and wife of Aniruddha; burning , scorching at daybreak; at night 3 uSa 2 (for 1. see col. 1) m. (probably for {uza} , fr. {vaz} ; cf. {uza-dah}) , a lover. 4 USa m. salt ground , soil impregnated with saline particles (according to the Brahmanas also cattle) a cleft , hole the cavity of the ear the Malaya mountain dawn , daybreak soil impregnated with saline particles , sterile soil N. of a daughter of Bana and wife of Aniruddha 5 uSa ----Usas, Goddess of warriors and of the dawn and wisdom Hindu/Vedic
http://folk.ntnu.no/wiborg/tableofgods/index.php?sort=name considered the daughter of heaven. This is also the name of a demon princess in Hindu legends. Cited from Website: Usha http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/12-zodiac.shtml ox / bull 丑 chuu, ushi