Bharati is Sarasvati the goddess of speech. who was born from the mind of Brahman; and Sarasvati is Vac. bhAratI f. of {-rata} a female descendant of Bharata N. of a deity (in RV. often invoked among the Apri deities and esp. together with Ila and Sarasvati a daughter of Aditya ; later identified with Sarasvati , the goddess of speech) speech , voice , word , eloquence , literary composition , dramatic art or recitation ; (with {vRtti}) , a partic. kind of style ; the Sanskrit speech of an actor a quail Ocymum Sacrum N. of a river one of the 10 orders of religious mendicants traced back to pupils of Samkaracarya (the members of which add the word {bhAratI} to their names)

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