4 Mind-Born Sons of God

4 Mind Born Sons of God are called Kumaras and are Guardians of the power of planets; arbiters of nations and continents; judges of good and evil. They are:

1. Sanaka
2. Sanandana
3. Sanat-Kumara
4. Sanat-Sujata

To these are added:

were the four mind-born sons of Lord Brahma.

1. Atma
2. Buddhi
3. Manas
4. Kama-Rupa

In the Puranas their number varies, given as seven, four, and five. They are often called the Four, because Sanaka, Sanada, Sanatana, and Sanat-Kumara are the names of four important groups of kumaras as they spring from the fourfold mystery. The three secret names of the seven are variously given: Sana, Sanat-Sujata, and Kapila; or Kapila, Ribhu, and Panchasikha; or Jata, Vodhu, and Panchasikha, all of which are but aliases. The patronymic name of the kumaras is Vaidhatra (from vidhatri a title of Brahma as creator of the universe)