9 Creations (India)

The Vishnu Purana also speaks of 9 creations: 1. Mahat or Intellect, creation of Brahma. 2. Rudimental Principles (Tanmatras), elemental creation (Bhuta sarga) 3 Modified form of Egotism, Organic Creation, or Creation of the Senses (Aindriyaka). These three were the Prakṛta creations, the developments of indiscrete nature, preceded by the indiscrete principle 4. Fundamental Creation (of perceptible things): Inanimate Bodies. 5. Tairyag yonya creation: Animals 6. ۲ddhasrotas creation: Divinities. 7. Arvaksrotas: Man. 8. Anugraha: qualities of goodness and darkness. Of these creations, five are secondary, and three are primary. 9. Kaumara creation, which is both primary and secondary. These are the nine creations of the great progenitor of all, and, both as primary and secondary, are the radical causes of the world, proceeding from the sovereign creator.

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