Adam Kadmon Terms

In the Kabbalah Adam Kadmon has 4 elements: He, from Whom all emanated, created Adam Kadmon, consisting of all the worlds, so that in him should be somewhat from those above, and somewhat from those below. Hence in Him was Nephesch [Psyche, anima infina, the lowest spiritual part of man, Soul], from the world Asiah, which is one letter He of the Tetragrammation Ruach [ Spiritus, anima media, the next higher spiritual part, or Spirit], from the world Yezirah, which is the Vav of the Tetragrammaton; Neschamah [the highest spiritual part, mens or anima superior], from the world Briah, which is the other letter He; and Neschamah Leneschanah, from the world Atsiluth, which is the Yod of the Tetragrammation. http://www.hollyfeld.org/heaven/Text/QBL/apikeqbl.html
 Nephesch, Ruach, Neschamah, Neschamah Leneschanah He, Vav, He, Yod anima inferior, anima media, anima superior Psyche, Spiritus, Mans To Adam Kadmon, the Idea of the Universe, the Kabbalah assigns a human form. In this, Kether is the cranium, Hakemah and Binah the two lobes of the brain, Gedulah and Geburah the two arms, Tephareth the trunk, Netsakh and Hod the thighs, Yesod the male organ, and Malkuth the female organ, of generation.
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