Son of God 1: Sanaka

Sanaka is a sacred plant, the fibres of which are woven into yellow robes for Buddhist priests. Four mind-born sons of Lord Brahma refused to enter the Pravritti Marga or worldly life and entered the Nivritti Marga or the path of renunciation. The four Kumaras were the pioneers in the path of Sannyasa. They were a) Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanat-Kumara and Sanat-Sujata or alternateively b) Sri (Laksmi) , Brahma, Rudra, and Sanaka (Catuhsana) sampradayas. Collectively they were called Dasanama Sannyasins. Each has a disciple The disciple of Sanaka was Nimbaditya whom he chose as the respective head of his sampradaya. Sampradaya - (samyak + pradaya) is a process or path that bestows the Supreme Absolute Truth thoroughly and perfectly. A line of disciplic succession; established doctrine transmitted from one teacher to another; a particular system of religious teaching. sanaka mfn. former , old , ancient ({At} ind. from of old) N. of a Rishi (one of the four mind-born sons of Brahma1 , described as one of the counsellors or companions of Vishnu and as inhabiting the Janar-loka ; the other three are Sana , Sanatkumara , and sa-nandana ; some reckon seven of these mind-born sons) of an inspired legislator W. [Cf. Lat. {Seneca} ; Goth. {sineigs}.]

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