7 Creations (Hindu)

7 Creations 1. Mahattattwa, the Universal Soul, Infinite Intellect, or Divine Mind 2. Bhuta or Bhutasarga, elemental creation, the first differentiation of Universal indiscrete Substance 3. Indriya or Aindriyaka, organic evolution. These three were the Prakrita creations, the developments of indiscrete nature preceded by indiscrete principle 4. Mukhya, the fundamental creation of perceptible things, was that of inanimate bodies 5. Tairyagyonya, or Tiryaksrotas, was that of animals 6. Urdhwasrotas, or that of divinities 7. Arvaksrotas, was that of man. Mahat-Tattva Puranas enumerate the other six creations as 2) bhutasarga; 3) indriya or aindriyaka; 4) mukhya; 5) tairyagyonya or tiryaksrotas; 6) urdhvasrotas; and 7) arvaksrotas. http://www.experiencefestival.com/dhyani-chohans/page/2 From the first avyakta creation issued the second mahat, with its three guna distinctly manifested. Thence sprung the third creation ahangkara (selfhood), which is of threefold form – vaikarika, or pure sattvika ahangkara; the taijasa, or rajasika ahangkara; and the tamasika, or bhutadika ahangkara. The latter is the origin of the subtle essences (tan-matra) of the Tattvas, ether, air, fire, water, earth, associated with sound, touch, sight, taste and smell, and with the colours – pure transparency, shyama, red, white, and yellow. There is some difference in the schools as to that which each of the three forms produces, but from such threefold form of Ahang-kara issue the indriya ("senses"), and the Devas Dik, Vata, Arka, Prachetas, Vahni, Indra, Upendra, Mitra, and the Ashvins. The vaikarika, taijasa, and bhutadika are the fourth, fifth, and sixth creations, which are known as prakrita, or appertaining to Prakriti. The rest, which are products of these, such as the vegetable world with its upward life current, animals with horizontal life current, and bhuta, preta and the like, whose life current tends downward, constitute the vaikrita creation, the two being known as the kaumara creation. http://www.globusz.com/ebooks/Mahanirvana/shiva.html

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