Kalmashapada was married to Madayanti, met Shakti the Brahma son of Vasistha on a path, beat him and Shakti cursed him to become a cannibal. kalmASapAda mfn. having speckled feet m. N. of a king of Saudasa (descendant of Ikshvaku transformed to a Rakshasa by Vasishtha) (carita} n. N. of wk. also called Mitra-Saha and Saudasa. the brahmani Angirasi was in the jungle, making love to her husband. They were in the middle of their lovemaking when they see Kalmashapada the rakshasa approaching. They separate and flee. But Kalmashapada catches hold of the brahmana. The brahmani too stops. She begs the rakshasa to spare her husband – her reason: she has not yet achieved satisfaction. She tells him that, adding that she was doing it for begetting a child and now that child will never be, so please spare the man. Kaslmashapada refuses to listen to her and tearing him to pieces before her eyes, eats him up. The brahmani prepares a chita, a pyre, and enters it, killing herself. Before dying she curses Kalmashapada – you have caught and killed my husband while we were in the act of love. For this, if you ever touch your wife, you too shall die immediately. Cited from A Woman of Ayodya

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