In Sanskrit Mara means mortal mAra mfn. ( {mR}) killing , destroying ; m. death , pestilence slaying , killing (cf. {pazu-m-}) ; an obstacle , hindrance the passion of love , god of love (with Buddhists) the Destroyer , Evil One (who tempts men to indulge their passions and is the great enemy of the Buddha and his religion ; four Maras are enumerated in Dharmas. viz. {skandha-} , {kleza-} , {devaputra-} , and {mRtyu-m-} ; but the later Buddhist theory of races of gods led to the figment of millions of Maras ruled over by a chief Mara) the thorn-apple ({I}) f. killing , slaughter pestilence (also personified as the goddess of death and identified with Durga