Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
Kapila is one of the 3 esoteric mind-born sons of Brahma Kapila is also a Mahayogi who lived c. 800 B.C. Kapila mf({A})n. ({kam} Un2. i , 56 ; more probably connected with {kapi} monkeycoloured, brown , tawny , reddish red-haired the brown or tawny or reddish colour a kind of mouse kind of ape a (brown) dog incense N. of an ancient sage (identified by some with Vishnu and considered as the founder of the Samkhya system of philosophy) N. of several other men of a Danava of a Naga of a Varsha in Kusa-dvipa of several mountains a form of fire N. of the sun {As}) m. pl.N. of a people of the Brahmans in Salmala-dvipa f. a brown cow a fabulous cow celebrated in the Puranas a kind of leech S a kind of ant Dalbergia Sissoo Aloe Perfoliata a sort of perfume a kind of medicinal substance a kind of brass N. of a daughter of Daksha of a Kimnara woman of a river N. of the female of the elephant Pundarika (q.v.)

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