Pasu pasu (life-atoms, seeds of consciousness)
Three divisions of pasu are also spoken of – namely, sakala, who are bound by the three pasas, called anu (want of knowledge or erroneous knowledge of the self), bheda (the division also induced by maya of the one self into many), and karma (action and its product). These are the three impurities (mala) called anava-mala, maya-mala, and Karma-mala. Pratayakala are those bound by the first and last, and Vijnana-kevala are those bound by anava-mala only. He who frees himself of the remaining impurity of anu becomes S’iva Himself. The Devi bears the pasa, and is the cause of them, but She too, is pasupasa-vimocini,(2) Liberatrix of the pasu from his bondage.http://www.yoga-breathing.com/the-three-temperaments/