5 Mahayajnas

5 Mahayajnas 1, Brahma Yajna: The contemplation of and communion with God (Sandhya) twice daily, morning and evening. 2. Deva Yajna: The burning of Samagree (odoriferous, nutritive, sweet, curative, and similar other substances) with Ghee (clarified butter) in the sacred fire, also called Homa, or the Agnihotra. 3. Pitri Yajna: The ministering to the comfort of the elders, the wise and the learned, as well as serving the same individuals with love and faith. 4. Balivaishva Yajna: The feeding and support of poor and destitute individuals, as well as that of wild animals. 5. Atithi Yajna: The discharge of hospitality to guests, especially towards individuals who are wise and learned, whose time of arrival and departure is unknown. http://aryasamaj101.googlepages.com/5duties