Prajapati 09: Brighu

Brighu was the son of Varuna and Carshani. Brighu is linked with Vishnu and is the father of Shukra. In some traditions Brighu is linked with Siva. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary bhRgu m. pl. ( %{bhrj}) N. of a mythical race of beings (closely connected with fire , which they find [RV. x , 46 , 2] and bring to men or enclose in wood or put in the navel of the world or which is brought to them and first kindled by Matari-svan they are also said to fabricate chariots [iv , 16 , 20] and are mentioned together with the Angirasas , Atharvans , Ribhus , Maruts , Druhyus &c. Bhrigus are enumerated among gods N. of one of the chief Brahmanical families (to which the Aitasayanas are said to belong) N. of a Rishi regarded as the ancestor of the Bhrigus AV. AitBr. (he has the patr. Varuni and is the supposed author he is enumerated among the 10 Maharshis created by the first Manu Mn. of a son of Kavi of one of the Praja-patis produced from Brahma skin of one of the 7 sages Hariv. of the father of Cyavana and 6 other sons of the father of Dhatri and Vidhatri of the father of Sri (by Khyati) of the author of a Dharma-sastra (cf. {bhRgu-smRti}) of an astronomer Cat. (cf. {bhRgu-saMhitA}) of a medical authority of the Rishi Jamad-agni or his son of Sukra or the planet Venus (called either Bhrigu or the son of Bhrigu his day is Friday) of Krishna or of Rudra of a son of Artha-pati and uncle of the poet Ba1n2a Va1s. , Introd. ; of the top of the mountain Bhrigu-tunga Cat. ; a declivity , slope , precipice Hcat. (cf. {bhRgu-patana}). Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary