Mu was a boy born from the primordial cloud. Mu was cloud. He married his sister Inga (mud) and produced Imbulg (wind). Mu m. a bond of Siva ; final emancipation; a funeral pile or pyre a reddish-brown or tawny colour. to bind , tie , fix binding , tying , fixing the act of binding or tying A woman who was cloud or mist had 2 children Inga (Earth) and Mu (Sky). See website cosmogonic myths.
Mu is also the 12th letter of the Greek Alphabet with a numerical value of 40.
mu: water in the proto-alphabet (West Semitic consonantal logographic script). cf. Mim See website: Deciphering the Byblos Script.
alternate meaning: mu = three, paththu (pattru) = slags (impurities) i.e. ANavam - kanmam - mAyAi (arrogance, karma, delusion), ur = extinguishing. So it means - we should chant Kandha shashti Kavacham without any desire or malams). http://www.kaumaram.com/text_new/ksk_em2.html
mu mia = water in Akkadian