Samkarshana Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary saMkarSaNa n. drawing out , extraction Hariv. a means of joining or uniting BhP. ; drawing together , contracting making rows , ploughing m. N. of Bala-deva or Bala-rama (also called Halayudha [q.v.] , the elder brother of Krishna ; he was drawn from the womb of Devaki and transferred to that of Rohini ; among Vaishnavas he is considered as the second of the four forms of Purushottama) N. of the father of Nilasura (also with {sUri}) of various authors -kANDa} (or {saM-karSa-k-}) m. N. of an appendix to the Mimansa-sutra ; {-maya} mf({I})n. representing Bala-deva {-vidyA} f. the art of drawing a child from the womb of one woman and transferring it to that of another (applied to Baladeva cf. above) {-zaraNa} m. N. of an author , Cat ; {-sUtra-vicAra} m. N. of wk. -Nezvara-tIrtha} n. N. of a Tirtha

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