Ilu is Lord of the air *Ilu god (Supreme God akk. Ilu, ug. il, phoin. ’l / Ēlos, hebr. Ēl / Elohim, OSA. ’l ). The Arabic Name Allāh is al-ilah The God. Wikipedia: Semitic Gods
In Chaldea the great First Cause as the ONE, the primordial germ, the unrevealed and grand ALL, existing through himself -- was Ilu. This was the Kabbalistic En-Soph (No-thing). Whenever the Eternal awakes from its slumber and desires to manifest itself, it divides itself into male and female. It then becomes in every system the double-sexed Deity, the universal Father and Mother, the Anu-Anata (male-female) of the Chaldeans. From the union of the two a third, or creative Principle -- the SON, or the manifested Logos -- is the product of the Divine Mind. In Chaldea the Son was Bel. Moreover, every such system has a triple male trinity, each proceeding separately through itself from one female Deity. In Chaldea the trinity of Anu, Bel, and Hea, blend into One who is Anu (double-sexed) through the Virgin Mylitta.