Hu Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary to sacrifice (esp. pour butter into the fire) , offer or present an oblation sacrifice to , worship or honour to sprinkle on to eat to be offered or sacrificed to cause to sacrifice or to be sacrificed or to be honoured with sacrifice juhUSati: to wish to sacrifice to offer oblations repeatedly or abundantly water-pot the yelling of a jackal Latin: Futis hu 1 cl. 3. P. (Dha1tup. xxv , 1) {jhoti} (Ved. and ep. also A1. {juhute} 3. p. pr. {juh} 3. pl. pr. {jilhvati} , {-te} RV. &c. [1301,1] ; 2. sg. Impv.{juhudhi4} Br. &c. ; {hoSi} RV. ; p. P. {juhvat} ; A1. %{juhvAna} [also with pass. sense] ; 3. pl. impf. {ajuhavuH} ib. ; pf. P. {juhAva} , {juhuvuH} MBh. ; A1.{juhuve} R. ; {juhve} , {juhure4} RV. ; {juhvire} Br. ; {juhavAM-cakAra} ib. Up. ; {juhavAm-Asa} Vop. ; aor. {ahauSIt} Br. &c. ; Prec.{hUyAt} Gr. ; fut. {hotA} ib. ; {hoSyati} , {-te} AV. &c. ; Cond. {ahoSyat} Br. ; inf. {hotum} , {-tos} ,{-tavai} , and ind. p.{hutvA} ib. &c.) hu 2 ind. an exclamation in {huMhu} , %{hUMhu} 3 hU 1 weak form of {hve} , p. 1308. 4 hU 2 mfn. calling , invoking (see {indra-} , {deva-} , {pitR-hU} .) 5 hU 3 ind. an exclamation of contempt , grief &c. ({hU@U} the yelling of a jackal Cologne Difital Sanskrit Dictionary Egypt: Hu = authoritative command www.maat.sofiatopia.org/memphis.htm China Hu is a word for Tiger The Tiger (HU) Ruler of the hours 3am to 5am Direction - East/Northeast Season - Winter/February Fixed element - Wood positive http://www.paranormality.com/tiger.shtml Hu the Mighty or Hu Gadarn is a Welsh God http://www.maryjones.us/jce/hugadarn.html

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