Vivasvat married to Saranya: father of the Asvins, Sanjana, Vaivasvata Manu, Revanta, Yama and Yami. Vivasvat + Vivasvat + Savarna (Cloud) Manu 7 Manu 8 Manu Vaivasvata Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary vivasvat or mfn. shining forth , diffusing light , matutinal (applied to Ushas Agni &c. 2 vivasvat mfn. shining forth , diffusing light , matutinal (applied to Ushas Agni &c.; {sadanevivasvataH}, at the seat of Fire the Brilliant one of the Sun (sometimes regarded as one of the eight Adityas or sons of Aditi , his father being Kasyapa ; elsewhere he is said to be a son of Dakshayani and Kasyapa ; in epic poetry he is held to be the father of Manu Vaivasvata or , according to another legend , of Manu Savarni by Sa-varna; he is described as the father of Yama Vaivasvata , and as father of the Asvins by Saranyu , and elsewhere as father of both Yama and Yami , and therefore a kind of parent of the human race the Soma priest N. of Aruna (charioteer of the Sun) of the seventh or present Manu (more properly called Vaivasvata , as son of Vivasvat) of a Daitya a god N. of the author of the hymn RV. x , 13 (having the patronymic Aditya) N. of the author of a Dharma-sastra N. of the city of the Sun son of Vivasvat N. of Manu Vaivasvata {-smRti} the law-book of Vivasvat {-vad}){-vAta} mf( (prob.) loved by Vivasvat

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