Pandu is the word for Divine Knowledge and represents the Pandavas who fought against Kuru and Kauravas in the Mahabharata. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary pANDu mfn. ({paND}?) yellowish white , white , pale jaundiced Car. ; m. jaundice Car. pale or yellowish white colour a white elephant Trichosanthes Dioeca L. ; a species of shrub L. N. of a son of Vyasa by the wife of Vicitra-virya and brother of Dhrita-rashtra and Vidura (he was father of the five Pandavas) of a son of Janam-ejaya and brother of Dhrita-rashtra of a son of Dhatri by Ayati (v.l. {prANa}) of an attendant of Siva of a Nagaraja L. pl.. of a people in Madhya-desa (v.l. {pANDya} and {-Dva}) ; f. Glycine Debilis L.

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