1/8 Day

The name of a night watch of 3 hours that amount to 1/8 of 24 hours. This is important because 1/8 is the fraction that Narayana used at the time of creation. This also corresponds to the 1/8 of light by which Visvakarma is said to have diminished the light of the sun. There are at least three muhurta systems. The first defines one muhurta as 1/8th of a day or night (= 1.5 hours in a 12-hour night), the second as 1/15th of a day or night (= 48 minutes), and the third as 1/16th of a day or night (= 45 minutes). http://www.himalayanacademy.com/resources/books/dws/lexicon/m.html Jupiter rotates once every 10-1/2 hours, http://www.souledout.org/nightsky/summertriangle/summertriangle.html This means that it rotates twice every 21 hours leaving a discrepancy of three hours each day.

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