Cologne Sanksrit Dictionary
hastinApura n. (less correctly {hastina-p-} or {hastinI}.) N. of a city founded by king Hastin q.v. (it was situated about fifty-seven miles north-east of the modern Delhi on the banks of an old channel of the Ganges , and was the capital of the kings of the Lunar line , as Ayodhya was of the Solar dynasty ; hence it forms a central scene of action in the Mahabharata [1296,1] ; here Yudhi-shthira was crowned after a triumphal progress through the streets of the city ; see MBh. xii , 1386-1410: other names for this celebrated town are {gajAhvaya} , {nAga-sAhvaya} , {nAgAhva} , {hActina})

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