Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
The fifth king of the Lunar race, and son-in-law of Shukra (Venus) by his marriage with Devayani. Yayati had two sons from Devyani – 1. Yadu and 2. Turvasu. Yayati had three sons from Sharmishtha – 1. Druhyu 2. Anu and 3. Puru. yayAti m. (prob. fr. {yat}) N. of a celebrated monarch of the lunar race (son of king Nahusha whom he succeeded from his two wives came the two lines of the lunar race Yadu being the son of Devayani , daughter of Usanas or Sukra , Puru of Sarmishtha , daughter of Vrisha-parvan Yayati Nahusha is also represented as the author of RV. ix , 101 , 4-6) RV. MaitrUp. MBh. Ka1v. &c.

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