Dravya Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 1. n. a substance , thing , object the ingredients or materials of anything medicinal substance or drug (phil.) elementary substance (9 in the Nyaya , viz {pRthivI} {ap} {tejas} {vAyu} {AkAza kAla} {diz} {Atman} {manas} 6 with Jainas , viz. {jIva} , {dharma} {adharma} {pudgala} {kAla} {AkAza}) single object or person , individual (cf. {eka-}) fit object or person (cf.{A-}.) object of possession , wealth , goods , money gold bellmetal , brass ointment spirituous liquour a stake a wager 2 dravya 2 mfn. (fr. 4. {dru}) derived from or relating to a tree tree-like or corresponding to a tree gum , resin 3 drAvya mfn. to be made to run or put to flight fusible , liquefiable.