vicitra mf ({A})n. variegated , many-coloured , motley , brilliant manifold , various , diverse strange , wonderful , surprising charming , lovely , beautiful amusing , entertaining (as a story) painted , coloured manifoldly , variously charmingly the Asoka tree N. of a king of a son of Manu Raucya or Deva-savarni of a heron ({A}) f. a white deer colocynth (in music) a partic. Murchana Samgit. N. of a river n. variegated colour , party-colour W. ; wonder , surprise a figure of speech (implying apparently the reverse of the meaning intended) {-katha} m. one whose stories are amusing N. of a man Kathas. ; {-caritra} mfn. behaving in a wonderful manner MW. {-cInAMzuka} n. variegated China cloth , shot or watered China silk {-tA} f.{-tva} n. variegation , variety , wonderfulness {-deha} mfn. having a painted body elegantly formed m. a cloud {-pazu} m. N. of a poet -bhUSaNa} m. N. of a Kim-nara Buddh. {-mAyAbharaNa} mfn. having variegated garlands and ornaments -maulizrI-cUDa} m. N. of a prince Buddh. -rUpa} mfn. having various forms , various , diverse {-varSin} mfn. raining here and there (not everywhere) {-vAkya-paTutA} f. great eloquence Prasang. ; {-vAgurocchrAya-maya} mf({I})n. filled with various outspread nets Katha1s. ; {-vIrya} m. of marvellous heroism N. of a celebrated king of the lunar race (the son of Samtanu by his wife Satya-vati , and so half-brother of Bhishma ; when he died childless , his mother requested Vyasa , whom she had borne before her marriage to the sage Parasara , to raise up issue to Vicitra-virya ; so Vyasa married the two widows of his half-brother , Ambika and Ambalika , and by them became the father of Dhrita-rashtra and Pandu ({-sU} f. mother of Vicitra-vi1rya N. of Satya-vati L.) ; {-siMha} m. N. of a man Rajat. -trAGga} m. having variegated limbs or a spotted body a peacock a tiger -trApIDa} m. N. of a Vidya-dhara Kathas. {-trAaMkAra-svara} m. N. of a serpentdemon Buddh.