Veni veNi f. (fr. 1. {ve}) weaving , braiding braided hair or a braid of hair hair twisted into a single unornamented braid and allowed to fall on the back (so worn by widows and women who mourn for absent husbands cf. {eka-veNi} the water of a river is often compared to such a braid , but in these meanings the form {veNI} is more common see below) the confluence or meeting of two or more rivers or streams in a common point of union (as at Prayaga or Allahabad cf. {triv-}) property re-united after it has been before divided acascade . 2 veNI f. = {veNi} , a braid of hair a stream , current L. ; an abridgement of the title {veNI-saMhAra} Lipeocercis Serrata a dam bridge a ewe N. of a river N. of wk.

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