Dhanu is a bow that becomes the word for zodiac sign of Sagittarius) the Archer. Sagittarius shoots his arrow, the Saru which hits the Star Mala in Nakshatra Mula (Moola, the Root. In the West he becomes intimately connected with Zeus and Jupiter. There was an older tradition in which Jupiter was Dyaus Pitr. In a still earlier tradition there seem to have been links between Dhanu and Dhanvantari (who in the West becomes Ophiucus, Serpentarius and then Aesculapius. This figure seems to share characteristics of Saturn as does a Chinese divine archer Yi. Cologne Oxford Dictionary dhanU 1 m. a store of grain L. (for 2. see {dhanu}). 2 dhanu m. or (Un2. i , 82) 2. {dhanU} f. (fr. 2. {dhan}?) a bow a measure of 4 Hastas or cubits (cf. {dhanv-antara} below) the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius 5 ; Buchanania Latifolia Semecarpus Anacardium; ({dhanu} , or {dhanU}) f. a dry sandbank , a sandy shore [cf. Eng. {bight} , Germ. {Bucht}] 17 (nom. {-nUs}).