Azva Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: azva 1 (2. rarely 3 RV.) m. (1. {az} Un2.) ifc. f. {A} , a horse , stallion the , horse (in the game of chess) the number seven (that being the number of the horses of the sun) the archer (in the zodiac) a particular kind of lover (horse-like in strength) N. of a teacher (with the patron. Samudri) of a son of Citraka of a Danava ({A}) f. (g. {ajAdi} q.v.) a mare [Zd. {aspa} Lat. {equus} 2 azva 2 Nom. P. {azvati} , to behave like a horse 3 Azva mf({I})n. (fr. {azva}) , belonging to a horse , equestrian drawn by horses (as a chariot) am}) n. a number of horses the state or action of a horse N. of several Samans.