Cana caNa mfn. ifc. = {caJcu}) renowned or famous for HParis m. the chick-pea (cf. {akSara-} , {kathA-} , {cAra-} , {mAyA-}). 2 cana ({cana} SV.) ind. and not , also not , even not , not even (this particle is placed after the word to which it gives force ; a preceding verb is accentuated in Vedic language it is generally , but not always , found without any other neg. particle , whereas in the later language another neg. is usually added e.g. {ApazcanapraminantivrataMvAM} , not even the waters violate your ordinance nAhavivyAcapRthivIcanAinaM} , the earth even does not contain him in class. Sanskrit it is only used after the interrogatives {ka} , {katara} , {katama} , {katham} , {kad} , {kad4} , {kim} , {kutas} , {kva} , making them indefinite) 3 cana tu though-still not

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