Abhijit 1 abhijit mfn. victorious born under the constellation Abhijit (cf. {Abhijita}) ; ({t}) m. N. of a Soma sacrifice (part of the great sacrifice Gavam-ayana) N. of a son [Hariv.] or of the father [VP.] of Punarvasu of Vishnu N. of a star (a Lyrae) of the 20th (or 22nd) Nakshatra the eighth Muhurta of the day (about midday) Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary As Balakrishna 2005 notes: Abhijit is an original nakshathra between Uttara Aashada and Shravana whose use has been discontinued in Jyotishya. It is still reckoned to exist between 20h0m to 20h20m. R.H.Allen identifies Lyra a,e,z, the star Vega included, as Abhiji t(Ref-1, page 288). Vega is at 18h 35m in the Poorva Aashada range of 18h29m to 19h22m. Further, Vega is nearly 50 degree’s north of ecliptic. http://www.vedicastronomy.net/compare_dhanu.htm Hence it represents the eye. (Chakshyur) of the zodiac. Aratus, a Greek Astronomer, opined that Hercules (derived from Hari-kulesa i.e. Vishnu) the celestial constellation was a stranger. Thus, Hercules is the Greek name for Abhijit. This Vishnu Gayatri teaches that the Sun which is the significator of the individual soul (Microcosm) has the universal goal of and is constantly moving towards Narayana (Mahavisnu), the Creator and the Universal Soul (Macrocosm). http://srath.com/lessons/beginner/naksatra01.htm

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