Astarte Names

Astarte was identified with Hathor and Aphrodite. Serpent and Eagle guard the sacred olive tree of the Goddess Astarte, on the island Tyre. Astarte married Yam-Nahar In the Babylonian myth of the primal garden, the palm tree was the Tree of Life, a dwelling-place of the Goddess Astarte. The Hebrew version of her name was Tamar, "Palm Tree" Her male counterpart was Baal-Peor, or Phoenix, the god of Phoenicia whose name meant "Land of the Palm." As a phallic deity, Baal-Peor was symbolized by a palm tree between two large stones. Sexual orgies in the temple celebrated his union with the Goddess in Phoenicia and in Israel until priests of Yahweh killed the celebrants in the midst of their rites (Numbers 25:8): http://goddesschess.blogspot.com/2009/03/goddess-and-palm-tree.html
Astarte - Moloch
Ashtoreth - Baal
Tamar - Baal-Paor
Palm Tree - Phoenix

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