Arya Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: Arya m. (fr. {arya} , {R}) , a respectable or honourable or faithful man , an inhabitant of Aryavarta ; one who is faithful to the religion of his country ; N. of the race which immigrated from Central Asia into Aryavarta (opposed to {an-Arya} , {dasyu} , {dAsa}) in later times N. of the first three castes (opposed to {zUdra}) a man highly esteemed , a respectable , honourable man a master , an owner a friend a Vaisya Buddha ; (with Buddhists [Pali {ayyo} , or {ariyo}]) a man who has thought on the four chief truths of Buddhism (see next col.) and lives accordingly , a Buddhist priest ; a son of Manu Savarna Hariv. ; (mf({A} and {ArI})n.) Aryan , favourable to the Aryan people behaving like an Aryan , worthy of one , honourable , respectable , noble of a good family ; excellent ; wise ; suitable ({A}) f. a name of Parvati a kind of metre of two lines (each line consisting of seven and a half feet ; each foot containing four instants , except the sixth of the second line , which contains only one , and is therefore a single short syllable ; hence there are thirty instants in the first line and twenty-seven in the second) ; [cf. Old Germ. {era} ; Mod. Germ. {Ehre} ; Irish {Erin}]

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