Vana Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 2 vana 1 n. a forest , wood , grove , thicket , quantity of lotuses or other plants growing in a thick cluster (but in older language also applied to a single tree) plenty , abundance a foreign or distant land (cf. {araNya}) ; wood , timber a wooden vessel or barrel (for the Soma juice) a cloud (as the vessel in the sky) the body of a carriage water a fountain , spring abode Nalod. Cyperus Rotundus = {razrmi} , a ray of light (prob.) longing , earnest desire m. N. of a son of Usinara BhP. ; of one of the 10 orders of mendicants founded by Samkaracarya (the members of which affix {vana} to their names cf. {rArmendra-v-}) W. ; ({A}) f. the piece of wood used for kindling fire by attrition (= {araNi} q.v. ; sometimes personified) RV. iii , 13 ; ({I}) f. a wood , forest 3 vana 2 ind. g. {cAdi}.

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