Saccharum Sara

In Botany. Saccharum Sara is a particular kind of reed used in making arrows. Cf. Saru. Trnapañcamūla. Under this name the roots of five sorts of grasses are used in combination. They are as follows :— Iksu. Saccharum officinarum, Linn. Śara. Saccharum Sara, Linn. Kāśa, Saccharum spontaneum, Linn. Kuśa. Poa cynosuroides, Linn. Darbha. Imperata cylindrica, Beauv. Some practitioners substitute the root of Andropogon muricatus for that of Imperata cylindrica. A decoction of these roots is considered demulcent and diuretic and is largely prescribed as an adjunct to metallic medicines in gonorrhoea, strangury and suppression of urine. The following confection is also much used in these diseases. http://www.payer.de/ayurveda/pflanzen/saccharum_officinarum.htm

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