mohana mf({I})n. depriving of consciousness , bewildering , confusing , perplexing , leading astray , infatuating m. the thorn-apple N. of Siva N. of one of the 5 arrows of the god of love of various other authors and men ({A}) f. the flower of a sort of jasmine Trigonella Corniculata ({I}) f. Portulaca Quadrifida a partic. illusion or delusion a partic. incantation N. of an Apsaras of a female demon (daughter of Garbha-hantri) of one of the nine Saktis of Vishnu n. the being deluded or infatuated , delusion , infatuation , embarrassment , mistake stupor , being stupefied sexual intercourse the act of perplexing , puzzling , bewildering any means employed for bewildering others temptation , seduction a magical charm used to bewilder an enemy ; the formula used in that process (esp. the hymns N. of a town

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