Lower World 1. pAtAla


Cologne Snaksrit Dictionary:
paTala n. (and rarely {I} f.) a roof , thatch
a veil , cover
a basket , chest , box
a heap , mass , multitude (esp. in comp. with a word denoting cloud
n. or m. an enclosing or surrounding skin or membrane (esp. of the eyes) , a film over the eyes , cataract
a chip , piece , portion
a section or chapter of a book (esp. of RPrat.)
; n. train , retinue L. ; a (sectarian or ornamental) mark on the forehead or other parts of the body with sandal-wood
m. v.l. for paTara} (see above) ; mf. a tree or a stalk ({vRkSa} v.l.{vRnta})
2 pATala mf({A})n. pale red , pink , pallid
(f. {I}) made of the Patali1 or forming a part of it g. {bilvAdi}
m. a pale red hue , rose colour
Bignonia Suaveolens (the tree bearing the trumpet-flower)
a species of rice ripening in the rains
Rottleria Tinctoria
N. of a man Rajat
{A}) f. Bignonia Suaveolens
red Lodhra
a kind of fresh water fish
a form of Durga Tantras.
of Dalkshayani Matsya
n. the trumpet-flower (also {A} f.)
3 pAtAla n. (rarely m. ; ifc. f. {A} ; perhaps fr. 2. {pAta} as {antarAla} fr. {antar} ;
one of the 7 regions under the earth and the abode of the Nagas or serpents and demons ; sometimes used as a general N. for the lower regions or hells
N. of a town in the serpent-world)
an excavation , hole in the earth
she submarine fire
(in astrol.) the fourth house
N. of a Tirtha Cat. ; m. = {yantra} blow L.
(in astron.) N. of Jupiter\'s year of 361 days ;
(in music) a kind of measure
N. of the attendant of the 14th Arhat of present Ava-sarpini.