5 Maha-JajJas The five daily yajnas, pancha mahayajna, of the householder (outlined in the Dharma Shastras) ensure offerings to rishis, ancestors, Gods, creatures and men. They are as follows. - brahma yajna: (also called Veda yajna or rishi yajna) Homage to the seers. Accomplished through studying and teaching the Vedas. - deva yajna: Homage to Gods and elementals. Recognizing the debt due to those who guide nature, and the feeding of them by offering ghee and uncooked grains into the fire. This is the homa sacrifice. - pitri yajna: Homage to ancestors. Offering of cakes (pinda) and water to the family line and the progenitors of mankind. - bhuta yajna: Homage to beings. Placing food-offerings, bali, on the ground, intended for animals, birds, insects, wandering outcastes and beings of the invisible worlds. (Let him gently place on the ground [food] for dogs, outcastes, svapachas, those diseased from sins, crows and insects Manu Dharma Shastras 3.92). - manushya yajna: Homage to men. Feeding guests and the poor, the homeless and the student. Manushya yajna includes all acts of philanthropy, such as tithing and charity. The Vedic study is performed in the morning. http://www.experiencefestival.com/pancha_mahayajna