Ekapada ekapada n. one and the same place or spot ; the same panel a single word a simple word , a simple nominal formation one and the same word ({e}) ind. on the spot , in one moment , at once ({A} and {I} [AsvGr.])n. taking one step AsvGr. having only one foot occupying only one panel consisting of a single word , named with a single word m. a kind of coitus ({A}) f. (scil. {Rc}) a verse consisting of only one Pada or quarter stanza N. of the twenty-fifth lunar mansion (= {pUrva-bhAdra-padA}) ({As}) m. pl.N. of a fabulous race {-vat} ind. like one word ; {-stha} mfn. being in the same word. 2 ekapAda m. a single foot one quarter the same Pada or quarter stanza having or using only one foot ({As}) m. pl.N. of a fabulous people {am}) n. N. of a country (cf. {eka-pad}