Agneya Agneya mf({I})n. (Pa1n2. 4-2 , 8 Comm.) belonging or relating or consecrated to fire or its deity Agni VS. xxiv , 6 AitBr. [with {kITa} m. an insect which flies into the fire (applied to a thief who breaks into a room and extinguishes the lamp) Mr2icch.] belonging or consecrated to Agnayi (wife of Agni) Pa1n2. 6-3 , 35 Comm. south-eastern VarBrS. m. N. of Skanda MBh. iii , 14630 of Agastya (cf. {AgnimAruta} above) L. ({As}) m. pl.N. of a people MBh. iii , 15256 (v.l. {Agreya}) ({I}) f. N. of a daughter of Agni and wife of Uru Hariv. VP. (= {agnAyI}) the wife of Agni L. the south-east quarter (of which Agni is the regent) VarBr2S. ({am}) n. blood L. ghee , or clarified butter L. gold L. the Nakshatra Krittika1 VarBrS. Suryas. N. of a Saman.

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