saMhata mfn. struck together , closely joined or united with (instr.) , keeping together , contiguous , coherent , combined , compacted , forming one mass or body AsvSr. accompanied or attended by (instr.) become solid , compact , firm , hard strong-limbed , athletic strong , intensive (prob.) complex , composite , compound (said of a partic. tone and odour) struck , hurt , wounded , killed n. a partic. position in dancing ; {-kuIna} mfn. belonging to a family closely allied or related ApSr. Sch. ; {-jAnu} or {-jAnuka} mfn. knock-kneed L. ; {-tala} m. the two hands joined with the open palms brought together ; {-tA} f. close contact or union Sis. ; {-tva} n. id. Pan5cat. (v.l.) ; complexity. compactness , close combination {-pucchi} ind. with contracted tail g. {dvidaNDy-Adi} ; {-bhrU} mfn. knitting the brows {-bhrUkuTi-mukha} mfn. one on whose face the brows are contracted ib. ; {-mUrti} mfn. of compact form or shape , strong , intensive {vAk-kala} mfn. (du.) joining the tones of the voice , singing a duet ; {-vRttoru} mfn. one who has round and firm thighs; {-starnI} f. a woman whose breasts are very close to each other {-hasta} mfn. seizing or holding each other by the hand ({-tva} , n.) {-tAGga} mfn. strong-limbed , well-knit in close contiguity (as hills) -tAJjoli} mfn. ; joining the hollowed hands (as a mark of supplication); {-tAzva} m. N. of a king (son of Nikumbha) {-toru} mfn. firm-thighed

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