Mehturt (also spelt Mehurt, Mehet-Weret, and Mehet-uret), meaning great flood, a direct reference to her being the milky way. The Milky Way was seen as a waterway in the heavens, sailed upon by both the sun god and the king, leading the Egyptians to describe it as The Nile in the Sky. Wikipedia: Hathor She was a goddess originally from Zau (Sau, Sai, Sais) and liked to Nit at Iunyt (Esna). Mehetweret, Mehitweret, Mehit-Weret, Methyer, Mehueret, Mehturt, Meh-Urt http://www.thekeep.org/~kunoichi/kunoichi/themestream/mehetweret.html

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