Ypsilon Cross

In India the letter Y was linked with a bifurcation of the Milky Way (Sarasvati or the Heavenly Ganges) which led to the first man and woman: Yama and Yami and also to the birth in the Saravana Forest of Saravana Bhava (the sun) and also Muruka (son of the sun) and Kartikeya (Mars). By contrast, the letter U was linked with a confluence of these streams of the Milky Way and associated with Delphinus, Cygnus and celebrated by a feast called the Khumba Mela. In the Pythagorean tradition the letters U and Y (Ypsilon in Greek) also became metaphors of the path of life, with the difference that the forks of the Y were linked not with the end of life and death but with the midpoint of life and a decision to choose between a) a path to to the right leading to Aretê (Virtue) for a blessed life, or b) a path to the left on the easy path following the goddess Kakia (Vice) to a life of ruin. This theme was subsequently taken up as the choice of Hercules at the Crossroads (Hercules am Scheideweg), which became an important theme also in art.

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