Prastara Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary prastara m. (ifc. f. {A}) anything strewed forth or about , a couch of leaves and flowers , (esp.) a sacrificial seat (ifc.) a couch of any material a flat surface , flat top , level , a plain a rock , stone a gem , jewel L. ; a leather bag a paragraph , section a tabular representation of the long and short vowels of a metre musical notation pl. N. of a people R. (v.l. for {pra-cara}) ; {-ghatanApakaraNa} n. an instrument for breaking or splitting stones -bhAjana} n. a substitute for sacrificial grass.; {-sveda} m. and {-svedana} n. inducing perspiration by lying on a straw-bed ; {-re-STha} (or {-SThA} ,) mfn. being on a couch or bed VS. 3 prastAra m. (ifc. f. {A}) strewing , spreading out , extension (also fig. = abundance , high degree) a litter , bed of straw a layer a flight of steps (leading down to water) a flat surface , plain Hariv. (v.l. {-stara}) a jungle or wood overgrown with grass a process in preparing minerals a representation or enumeration of all the possible combinations of certain given numbers or of short and long syllables in a metre (in music) a kind of measure N. of a prince (son of Udgitha) (prob. w.r. for {prastAva}) ; {cintAmaNi} m. N. of wk. ; {-paGkti} f. a kind of metre ; {-pattana} n. N. of wk.

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