Asti aSTi 1 f. N. of a metre consisting of sixty-four syllables the number sixteen 2 aSTi 2 f. (1. {az}) , reaching (cf. %{jarad-aSTi} , {vyaSTi} , {samaSTi}.) 3 aSTi 3 f. (= {asthi} q.v.) the kernel or stone of a fruit 4 asti 1 ind. (3. sg. pr. 1.{as} ; g. {cAdi} and {svar-Adi} q.v.) sometimes used as a mere particle at the beginning of fables existent , present 5 asti 2 f. ({as-ti} = {s-ti} q.v.) N. of a sister of Prapti (daughter of Jarasandhas and wife of Kansa)

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